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We're very excited about the release of our latest CD: Walking In Glory

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Walking In Glory

TRACK     1:    Walking in Glory
TRACK     2:    Ride on that Cloud
TRACK     3:    Those Fallen Heroes
TRACK     4:    Don't Make Me Wait
TRACK     5:    She's My Angel
TRACK     6:    Heaven's Railway
TRACK     7:    You'll Be Gone
TRACK     8:    God Loves Fallen Angels
TRACK     9:    God Left the Keys
TRACK   10:    His Heavenly Place
TRACK   11:    In Your Valley's
TRACK   12:    Next Day You're Gone

Copyright 2012 ©, Larry Dale Cooper Sr, All Rights Reserved.


Previous Releases:

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Goin' Home

TRACK     1:    In Your Valleys
TRACK     2:    When Angels Spread Their Wings
TRACK     3:    Heaven's Dream
TRACK     4:    Heaven's Railway
TRACK     5:    When you Send the Angels
TRACK     6:    The Empty Room
TRACK     7:    I'm Justified
TRACK     8:    Never Look Back
TRACK     9:    Ride On That Cloud
TRACK   10:    God Left the Keys

Copyright 2011 ©, Larry Dale Cooper Sr, All Rights Reserved.

We also have an extensive collection of 160 songs, all of which are copyrighted through the Library of Congress.
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